René Schönherr, Saxophonist
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René Schönherr
Lilo-Herrmann-Str. 24
D - 99086 Erfurt
+49 (0)361 7312011
+49 (0)175 9020871

Nice, that You have found my website - welcome

My name is René Schönherr and I would like to introduce you to my passion, the jazz and my favorite instrument, the tenor saxophone.

The main instruments I play, are the tenor saxophone and the alto saxophone. I also play the soprano saxophone. As you can see I have wide interests and I’m talented too :-)

For many years now I compose my own pieces of music, I give concerts – solo or together with my jazz quartet "Moment's Notice" – and I organize jazz sessions.

Since 1997 I play the 1st alto saxophone in a professionell Thuringian orchestra.

Now you can discover my career a on my homepage. Send me an email with your address and i send you a cd with samples of my music, or if you have any questions. Have fun!

Your René Schönherr